FX Airgun’s top-of-the-line rifle techonology in a traditional hunter’s configuration.

The FX Airguns took the airgun world by storm in 2017 with the release of the FX Crown. An impressive feat of engineering as it took all the adjustability of the FX Impact, and distilled it into the single block action of the Crown. Now you could have full adjustability in a sporter stock air rifle, complete with the FX Smooth Twist X barrel system.

FX Crown

500mm Barrel

FX Crown

600mm Barrel

FX Crown Continuum

380mm & 700mm Barrel

FX Crown VP

The FX Crown features the new FX Superlight STX Barrel. The Superlight STX uses a newly engineered and imagined barrel housing to hold the STX liner. The liner is no longer housed in a full length steel tube, but rather is now placed in a very sturdy barrel attachment section that results in a more rigid barrel as well as shedding weight from the barrel which allows the free floating barrel design to really reach new levels of balance between strength and harmonics to aid accuracy.

The Superlight STX barrel has moved away from the telescoping shroud of the previous Crown and now features a fixed moderator design (preferred by most shooters). These barrels will still retain the ability to change liners for those wanting to try different projectiles and twist rates.

The rest of the features of the FX Crown remain unchanged. The hammer adjuster, valve adjustment, externally adjustable AMP regulator, ability to change calibers, and the high capacity side-shot magazines. This complete package easily confirms that the FX Crown remains the most versatile and robust sporter stock PCP air rifle available.

The Crown is available in multiple barrel lengths; 500mm barrel in .177 & .22 caliber, 600mm barrel in .22, .25 & .30 caliber, and the Crown Continuum package that includes both a short compact 380mm barrel as well as the incredibly accurate 700mm barrel perfect for bench shooting.

Available in Synthetic, Walnut, and all current Laminate versions.

Crown Specs

Cocking System: Magazine Type: Pressure Gauge: Stock Options: Trigger:
Sidelever Removable Side-Shot Magazine
22 shot when Cal .177
18 shot when Cal .22
16 shot when Cal .25
13 shot when Cal .30
One for airtube pressure One for regulator pressure Synthetic
Green Hunter Laminate
Black Pepper Laminate
Yellowjacket Laminate
Adjustable Match Trigger
Recommended Velocities: Maximum Muzzle Energy: Air Capacity: Air Cylinder: Caliber:
.177: 1000 fps
.22: 920 fps
.25: 900 fps
.30: 870 fps
Note: Above figures are factory recommended velocities for standard pellets in each caliber but can be tuned higher/lower if needed.
.177 Cal: up to 18 ft/lbs
.22 Cal: up to 30 ft/lbs
.25 Cal: up to 47 ft/lbs
.30 Cal: up to 75 ft/lbs
480 cc • Standard
500cc • Crown VP
Carbon-Fiber Bottle
(Crown VP – Aluminum Bottle)
.177 Caliber
.22 Caliber
.25 Caliber
.30 Caliber
Length: Weight: Charging: Barrel: Shot Capacity:
500mm: 40” (45” with Moderator)
600mm: 44” (49” with Moderator)
380mm: 35” (40” with Moderator)
700mm: 48” (53” with Moderator)
Synthetic 5.5 – 5.85 lbs
Walnut 5.8 - 6.1 lbs
Laminate 6.1 - 6.4 lbs
Synthetic VP 7.5 lbs
Note: Weight range depends on the length of barrel
Foster Quick Disconnect FX Superlight STX Barrel
Length 380mm • .22, .25, .30 Cal
Length 500mm • .177, .22 Cal
Length 600mm • .22, .25, .30 Cal
Length 700mm • .22, .25, .30 Cal
.177 Cal: 130 shots approx.
.22 Cal: 100 shots approx.
.25 Cal: 70 shots approx.
.30 Cal: 40 shots approx.
Note: above figures obtained based using factory recommended velocities for standard pellets in each caliber
Fill Pressure: Safety: Optics: Muzzle: More Features:
Max 250 bar (Carbon Fiber Bottle)
Max 230 bar (Aluminum Bottle)
AR toggle switch style Picatinny
Dovetail (Crown VP)
Built-in shroud with threading for additional moderator
½” UNF threading
• Interchangeable Barrel Liner System (with changeable core barrel liner to obtain various twist rates), Externally adjustable AMP regulator (Adjustable Match Precision regulator), Hammer Adjuster (hammer spring tension), Valve adjuster, Interchangeable Caliber System.