Some Common Questions & Answers

Purchasing FX Airguns

Q: Where can I buy FX Airguns and accessories?

A: From any one of our dealers. See Find a Dealer.


Q: How much does an FX Airgun cost?

A: For the most accurate pricing, please contact one of our dealers.


Q: How long is my warranty?

A: Three years from the date of purchase, as long as the gun was manufactured after October 2017. For warranty work, please be ready to provide a copy of the purchase receipt for validation. If you are needing warranty services please visit the Service Request page by clicking on the highlighted Service Request text.


Q: Where is my serial number?

A: The serial number is generally located on the main action of the rifle. For the FX Impact (all models), the serial number is located on the Rear Block, on the right-hand side.


Q: If I work on my gun, will I void the warranty?

A: We encourage our customers to make small adjustments and fixes on their own only if they feel confident. See “Masterclass Videos” on our website for help and instruction. When in doubt, give us a call, and you can speak with a technician over the phone to help. Contact Us


Q: Does the warranty transfer to a different owner if selling to a private party?

A: Yes the warranty will transfer as long as the proof of purchase is provided. Every situation may be different, so please reach out to our customer service department to guide you. Please send an email to serviceusa@fxairguns.com or call 866-639-0772 (Option 1)

Repairs and Custom Work

Q: Where do I find part diagrams for my rifle?

A: Click on the highlighted Parts text. Here you will find downloadable schematics for almost all of our guns!


Q: Do we do repairs and tuning?

A: Yes, we do warranty and non-warranty service work. If you’re looking for a tune-up or other gun servicing, Fill out the form here by taping the highlighted Service text or email us at serviceusa@fxairguns.com or call us at 866-639-0772 (option 1)


Q: Does FX USA do custom work?

A: Yes, you can purchase custom parts and work. Please call 866-639-0772 and select (Option 1) to discuss details with customer service.

Ordering Parts and Shipping

Q: Where can I buy replacement parts for my FX Airgun?

A: From us! Feel free to order them here on the Parts Page
If you need help locating which parts you need, view your rifles schematic HERE, or please give us a call at 866-639-0772 (Option 1)


Q: When I order parts, how long does it take?

A: After payment has been received for the order, we will ship your order out within 5 business days for normal orders that are in stock, and 15 business days for custom part orders that are in stock. If a part is out of stock, we will update you with an estimated ETA to get the part from FX Airguns Sweden, but expect on average 4 weeks for out of stock parts.

We normally ship USPS Priority Mail for domestic packages and FedEx for international packages, and shipping times for these companies can be found by contacting them directly.


Q: Do you provide expedited shipping for part orders?

A: We can offer overnight shipping but cannot guarantee that it will always be available. Costs vary and depend on your location and the order. Expedited orders are also subject to extra charges depending on the nature of the order.


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Of course! We use FedEx International Priority shipping on all international shipments to ensure safe and timely arrival. Please note that we only service parts for North and South America (except Canada).

Is it available in my country?

FX Airguns USA sells directly to dealers in North and South America. If you live outside of those regions, please see the FX Airguns Sweden website found at https://fxairguns.com/retailers/ for information regarding other countries outside of North and South America.

General Questions

Q: How do I contact FX Airguns USA?

A: You can call us at 866-639-0772 or send us an email to serviceusa@fxairguns.com. If you are not sure which department you need to speak to, talk to customer service, and choose Option 1 on the phone, they will direct you to the correct department.


Q: What is FX Airguns USA hours of operation?

A: We are in the office Monday through Thursday from 9 am EST to 4 pm EST, and Fridays from 9 am EST to 3 pm EST.


Q: Can I come to visit FX Airguns USA?

A: We do not have a company storefront and cannot accept visitors at our office and warehouse. If you are interested in shopping for an FX Airgun, you will have to find a dealer with a storefront or search for their websites for information. Find a Dealer