FX Airgun’s Flagship Rifle.

Every so often there are leaps forward in technology that forever change our perception of what is possible. The FX Impact is such a phenomenon and has permanently pushed forward the boundaries of what to expect from an air rifle. This all-in-one air rifle has been engineered to satisfy the most demanding airgun shooter with high-performance features.

FX Impact MKII with Power Plenum

600mm Barrel

FX Impact MKII with Power Plenum

700mm Barrel

FX Impact MKII with Power Plenum

.35 Caliber

FX Impact MKII Compact with Power Plenum


The Impact is completely adjustable: air valve control, hammer spring tension, and even regular adjustments can be made externally to allow for various shooting scenarios. The Impact now incorporates the new FX Smooth Twist X Barrel which is a fully rifled barrel liner. FX’s proprietary process of imparting the inner rifling of the barrel from the outside of the steel tubing, is an outstanding upgrade in airgun accuracy.

This Smooth Twist X Barrel is housed in the Interchangeable Barrel Liner System allowing the shooter to swap and change barrel liners of various twist rates, bore specifications and more; all to tailor the barrel to different projectile sizes. The breech and barrel assembly also incorporate a quick-change system that allows for any of the five calibers (.177, .22 .25, .30 or .35) to be used. All that is required is an extra barrel and pellet probe for each caliber.

The FX Impact now includes the addition of the FX Power Plenum. This exciting new addition will takes the FX Impact to a whole new level as it opens up the ability to shoot an even wider variety of airgun projectiles (especially airgun slugs) at optimum velocities, all while obtaining the unmatched accuracy that FX Airguns are known for.

Other notable features of this bullpup include a unique match grade trigger system that does not rely on connection rods or linkages. The proprietary FX Side-Shot magazine which is simply the highest capacity magazine you’ll find on any PCP airgun. The smooth side cocking lever is placed perfectly above the trigger to allow for the quickest possible follow-up shot. This high powered and tactical, yet lightweight and compact airgun is a sensational piece of cutting-edge technology. With all these features wrapped into one rifle, the FX Impact will continue to be the benchmark for air rifles worldwide.

Impact Specs

Cocking System: Magazine Type: Pressure Gauge: Stock: Trigger:
Sidelever Removable Side-Shot high capacity
38 shot when Cal .177
28 shot when Cal .22
28 shot when Cal .25
23 shot when Cal .30
18 shot when Cal .35
One for airtube pressure
One for regulator pressure
AR15 style grip
CNC Aluminum Stock
Adjustable recoilpad (height)
Adjustable Match Trigger
Recommended Velocities: Maximum Muzzle Energy: Air Capacity: Air Cylinder: Caliber:
.177 Cal: 300 m/s • 1000 ft/s
.22 Cal: 920 fps
.25 Cal: 900 fps
.30 Cal: 870 fps
.35 Cal: 860 fps
Note: Above figures are factory recommended
velocities for standard pellets
in each caliber but can be
tuned higher/lower if needed.
.177 Cal: up to 28 ft/lbs
.22 Cal: up to 60 ft/lbs
.25 Cal: up to 75 ft/lbs
.30 Cal: up to 100 ft/lbs
.35 Cal: up to 150 ft/lbs
480 cc • Standard
300cc • Compact
580cc •.35 Cal
Carbon-Fiber Tank .177 Caliber
.22 Caliber
.25 Caliber
.30 Caliber
.35 Caliber
Length: Weight: Charging: Barrel: Shot Capacity:
600mm: 34"
700mm: 38"
.35 Cal: 42"
Compact: 25"
600mm: 6.85 lbs
700mm: 6.95 lbs
.35 Cal: 7.15 lbs
Compact: 6.1 lbs
Foster Quick Disconnect FX Smooth Twist X
Match grade
Length 500 mm • .177, .22, .25, .30 Cal
Length 600 mm • .22, .25, .30 Cal
Length 700 mm • .22, .25, .30 Cal
Length 800 mm • .35 Cal
.177 Cal: 180 shots approx.
.22 Cal: 130 shots approx.
.25 Cal: 100 shots approx.
.30 Cal: 40 shots approx.
.35 Cal: 40 shots approx.
Note: above figures obtained based
using factory recommended velocities
for standard pellets in each caliber.
Fill Pressure: Safety: Optics: Muzzle: More Features:
Max 250 bar (3600 psi) AR toggle switch style Picatinny rail Built-In Shroud system with threading
for additional moderator
½” UNF threading for calibers .177 - .30
M18x1 threading for .35 caliber
Interchangeable Barrel Liner
System (with changeable core barrel liner
to obtain various twist rates),
Externally adjustable AMP regulator
(Adjustable Match Precision regulator),
Hammer Adjuster (hammer spring tension),
Front Valve adjuster (valve flow tuning),
Interchangeable Caliber System,
Multiple Picatinny Accessory rails