FX Airgun’s Premier Bullpup Air Rifle

The FX Wildcat is a part of airgun royalty. A rifle that was compact before compact became a buzzword in airguns, a perfectly balanced and ergonomically designed bullpup that defined the generation of bullpups that have followed in its footsteps.

The FX Wildcat MKIII perfects upon its legacy as it updates this coveted platform for the modern airgunner. The enhancements start inside the Wildcat’s block. FX has increased the plenum size and air flow while also increasing the valving of the Wildcat. The engineering into the new Wildcat block really pushes the boundaries of what can be accomplished with precision CNC engineering from FX Airguns.

FX Wildcat MKIII Compact


FX Wildcat MKIII Sniper


Adjustments to the Wildcat MKIII are built around the new Advanced Rear Hammer Dial or ARH Dial for short. This hammer adjuster is a breakthrough as it allows for both micro and macro adjustments using the same dial. The ARH Dial has 7 presets for your hammer, but the actual hammer tension can be adjusted fully up or down using an Allen wrench through a hole found on the 8th position of the adjuster. This allows the Wildcat hammer to be fully adjusted to match any caliber you wish to shoot (additional barrel kits will be available).

The Wildcat MKIII has also upgraded its magazine to allow the use of larger capacity magazines. No longer restrained to 8 shots, the Wildcat MKIII now more than double the shots using the FX Side-Shot magazine (the same magazines as found on the FX Crown and FX Dreamline).

All Wildcat MKIIIs will ship with FX’s recently released new Superior STX Barrel Liners. The liners are housed in the STX Interchangeable barrel liner system that allows users to switch to the Superior STX Heavy liners if they want to shoot heavier projectiles like Slugs.

Outside of the Picatinny scope rail that is now standard on all Wildcats, the other features of the Wildcat remain intact. The externally adjustable AMP regulator, two-stage adjustable trigger (easily one of the best triggers found on any bullpup), and the smooth side cocking lever perfectly positioned above the trigger.

The Wildcat MKIII comes in two configurations, The Wildcat MKIII Compact with its 500mm barrel in calibers .177 thru .30; and the Wildcat MKIII Sniper that houses a larger 300cc air cylinder and a 700mm barrel in calibers .22, .25 & .30. All rifles are offered in a synthetic stock with shrouded barrels that are moderator ready with ½” UNF threading (Moderator sold separately).

Cocking System: Magazine Type: Pressure Gauge: Stock: Trigger:
Sidelever Removable Side-Shot Magazine
22 shot when Cal .177
18 shot when Cal .22
16 shot when Cal .25
13 shot when Cal .30
One for air tube pressure
One for regulator pressure
Adjustable Match Trigger
Recommended Velocities: Maximum Muzzle Energy: Air Capacity: Air Cylinder: Caliber:
.177 Cal • 1000 fps
.22 Cal • 870 fps (Compact)
.22 Cal • 890 fps (Sniper)
.25 Cal • 860 fps (Compact)
.25 Cal • 890 fps (Sniper)
.30 Cal • 830 fps (Compact)
.30 Cal • 880 fps (Sniper)
Note: Above figures are factory
recommended velocities
for standard pellets in each
caliber but can be tuned
higher/lower if needed.
.177 Cal up to 20 ft/lbs (Compact)
.22 Cal up to 40 ft/lbs (Compact)
.22 Cal up to 50 ft/lbs (Sniper)
.25 Cal up to 55 ft/lbs (Compact)
.25 Cal up to 70 ft/lbs (Sniper)
.30 Cal up to 70 ft/lbs (Compact)
.30 Cal up to 85 ft/lbs (Sniper)
Aluminum 230cc (Compact)
300cc (Sniper)
.177 Caliber
22 Caliber
.25 Caliber
.30 Caliber
Length: Weight: Charging: Barrel: Shot Capacity:
4,5 (.177): 680 mm
5,5 (.22): 680 mm
6.35 (.25): 900 mm
7,62 (.30): 900 mm
6 lbs (Compact)
6.75 lbs (Sniper)
Fill Probe FX Smooth Twist X with
FX Superior STX Barrel Liner
Length 500mm (Compact)
Length 700mm (Sniper)
.177 Cal up to – shots (Compact)
.22 Cal up to – shots (Compact)
.22 Cal up to – shots (Sniper)
.25 Cal up to – shots (Compact)
.25 Cal up to – shots (Sniper)
.30 Cal up to – shots (Compact)
.30 Cal up to – shots (Sniper)
Fill Pressure: Safety: Optics: Muzzle: More Features:
Max 220 bar Manual Picatinny Built-in shroud with threading for additional moderator (not included)
½” UNF threading
Interchangeable Barrel Liner System
AMP Externally adjustable pressure regulator
Advanced Rear Hammer (ARH) Dial